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Light Switch/Hazzard Switch Decals

Are your light switches scuffed & faded? Make them look better than new with these decals. Click on the image above to download a PDF file of the decals and instructions. See them installed here.

Tom Wilke's Center Console "Flap" Fix

Does your center console bend out
and end up hitting your legs?

Get yourself 2 normal picture hangers and some wire.
(Click image below to see detailed shots.)
Tie one end of the wire to a picture hanger (see Fig. 2). Hook that hanger on the drivers side center console flap and pull the wire thru from the passenger side. Thread the wire thru the second picture hanger. Push in the passenger side console flap and at the same time twist the wire tight so it pulls the two flaps toward the each other. Snip off the remaining wire and your done. Only a tiny amount of the picture hanger
is visible (see Fig. 1 & 3).


Windshield Intake Screen
To prevent the air intake at the base of the windshield from getting clogged with leaves, helicopters & other debris put a normal window screen under the cowl screen (part #105047). You will need to remove the wiper arms to get the cowl
screen out.
- thanks to Hank Breer for this idea

Extend Strut Life...
...by installing them such that the rod end is downwards (body of strut upwards) in the normal (i.e. door/trunk/louver closed) position. This allows the small quantity of oil in the strut to better lubricate the seal around the rod. This most noticiably effects the louver and hood struts, as the door struts are nearly horizontal with the doors closed. Click here to see them installed. - thanks to Don Steger & Dave Swingle for this morsel.

Reverse the Ash Tray
Do you keep bumping open the ashtray or does gravity cause it to open? Pull it out and flip it around to keep
it closed.

Keep the Horns Sounding Good
To lengthen the life of the horns swap them from side to side and point them backwards and down.
This will prevent water from being scooped up inside when you drive and if any were to get in this will allow
it to drain out. - thanks to Rob Grady for this solution

Backup Trunk Release Cable
If you haven't installed a backup cable do it now. Take an old bicycle brake cable, thread it thru the release arm and run it along side of the current trunk release wire. The head on the end of the brake cable allows for installation without modification.

Door Light Plunger Notch
If you don't mind cutting the plastic plunger this is a great way to turn the door lights off when displaying at car shows. This won't ware down contacts like pulling the fuse or removing the connections behind the plunger. If one side is cut an an angle it will straighten out when the door is shut allowing the lights to come on the next time the door is open.
- more thanks to Tom Wilke

Oil Drain Splash Funnel

Not fun wiping oil off of the frame after draining the pan? Save those paper towels. Cut a used windshield washer fluid bottle to divert the oil away from the frame and down into the oil pan. Using this bottle provides a great handle where your hand stays clean. When done, use the bottom of the bottle to catch the excess oil from the funnels while in storage.

2x6 Ramps
It doesn't put stress on the windshield and it's faster than using a jack to get under your car, especially if you have a lowered suspension. And the lower ramp angle is necessary if you have a front ground effect.